Irina Gonzalez


Irina Gonzalez is the compositor and multi-instrumentalist. She was born June 1986 in Santa Clara, a city in the center of Cuba, which is famous for its great musical culture. When Irina was ten, she entered EVA (Escuela Vocacional de Arte) in her native city. There she was studying singing and choral conducting and got her first graduate diploma. Seduced by the idea of improving her expression manners, she took the decision to study the oboe and english horn, so she entered the EPA (Escuela Profesional de Arte) and in five years she took her degree. At the same time she began to work with the Symphony Orchestra of Santa Clara, taking part in various concerts. Later she began her degree course of composition in ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte). She draws attention of the press by the wide range of awards (singing, chorus director, oboe, english horn, composition) and the musical diversity, the mass media names her “La toca todo” (for Spanish plays-everything) : guitar, piano, harmonica, clarinet, melodica and the variety of classical and traditional flutes. In the course of her career in Santa Clara and Havana, she began to write numerous arrangements for various artists of Cuba and other countries. She united with grand musicians and accompanied the concerts of Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés, Eliades Ochoa, Santiago and Vicente Feliú, William Vivanco, Manu Chao, Liliana Herrero and Raly Barrionuevo. Irina belongs to the Cuba movement “Novisima Trova”. The ingenious metaphors of her songs and verses are accompanied by the rhythms of Jazz and Bossa, the mix of creole sounds and troubadour tunes which founds its base in the afro-cube music. In 2011, she made the tour “Nuestra voz para vos” (Our voice for you) held in the north of Argentine with the duet “Aire y Madera” and with them she recorded “Inter-Acción”. A bit later in Buenos Aires she met Axel Matrod the singer and guitarist “El Gato Negro” and wrote most of the arrangement for his album “Guitarra y Sombrero”. Together they composed the duet “El Gato Negro y Laloka Zebra” making the concerts for the whole Argentine, in particular a series of concerts in the prisons of Cordoba and Rosario. Irina currently lives in Toulouse and acts the artist of the band “El Gato Negro y su Combo Tropical”, where she sings and plays various instruments. She is also a member of the Salsa band “Conga Libre”. These days Irina performs her new Ep “Mestiza”: the best of her compositions, a subtle, original and touching repertoire, which she interprets with her trio “La Gitana Tropical” along with Yoann Danier (Batterie) and Sunny Adroit (bass).